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THE ART OF FINE ENGRAVING:   Fine quality hand engraved rings pendants and watches and other pieces of elegant jewelry have always been prestigiously sought out by those who value a more distinctive and personal look to their jewelry.  Moreover, those who appreciate the fine flavor of the decorative arts often indulge in other collectibles such as engraved art knives, Freemason silver Memento Mori Skull necklaces or pendants and Pocket Watch Fobs, traditional firearms, fine quality writing instruments and many other classics suited for the Lady and Gentleman.

While there are many decorative techniques available none quickly elevate the status of any item and defines its owners personality more so than hand engraving can.  Engraving is a permanent change to an item's surface that can when well done is visually striking by its reflective brilliance or dramatic when blackened.  When hand engraving is left in the 'White' meaning clean without cosmetic ink fills, it creates a lively sparkle with its own striking contrasts.  Some engravings, Wildlife scenes and inlays detailed with anatomical figures can be extremely time consuming and difficult and very expensive to execute in any medium and as engravers we use our skills on one of the most difficult, metal.

Appreciating fine art is a skill as any other requiring long time exposure to it and as with most things that are of a refined nature it is a matter of time, patience, and passion that typically increases ones appreciation and uniqueness of the subtle nuances found within the many engraving styles.   Gold inlays, ornamental patterns, English scrolls, and Victorian leaf decoration these are all cornerstones styles that jewelry and knife and firearm engravers continue to be inspired by.

Enter and view the many engraved signet rings, Unique tabletop display religious unification art, Tiffany cuff links, fountain pens, silver and ivory sculpted Masonic skull pendants and fine art wristwatches.  Custom art knives, bulino dotting for engraved scenes, gold inlay, hand engraved double rifles, bolt guns, Origins unity display, folding knives engraved liner locks, violin frog and Masonic classic jewelry. 

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